Fitting Environment Interfaces for All
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fitteia provides a set of graphic user interfaces accessible through the internet using any web browser (e.g. IE, Opera, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Chrome). fitteia is presently available on several mirror sites.
The platform allows for:
  1. The graphical representation of experimental results and/or mathematical functions;
  2. The numerical fit of arbitrary user defined linear and/or non-linear functions dependent on m fitting parameters and n-experimental variables to experimental data
  3. The data treatment using an integrated programmable calculator
  4. The use of a integrated Matlab-like calculator
  5. The writing of professional-quality reports using LaTeX
  6. The production of documents in PDF, PNG, JPG, EPS formats using the fit results
  7. The user registration through a email/password security process to assure the user's privacy
  8. The sharing of working areas with other select users
  9. The sharing of user defined fitting functions/fitting models, documents/projects with other select users
  10. The possibility to use three different expertise levels (e.g. Basic, Advanced, Expert)
  11. The select saving/recovery of important results
  12. The download/upload of the configuration/setup files
  13. The assignment of two levels of user privileges
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